Thermaltake Poseidon Z Keyboard on Mac

Best Buy is having a clearance on the Poseidon Z keyboard, and I’ve been wanting to try out Cherry Blue switches. I think they’re actually the Kailh clones, but for $72 I can live with the small difference. Of course, when I got it home and plugged it in, it didn’t work. The arrow keys, as well as a few other keys, wouldn’t register when pressed. After a quick Google search, I found how to install the proper driver:

Poseidon Z Driver for Mac OS X 10.10/

It did require a reboot. The keys worked but I didn’t have a functioning Command key. I thought the Windows key automatically became Command but it didn’t work so I mapped Alt to Command and Command to Option.


This worked even though my Command key didn’t originally work.   Finally, I’ve got my Blue clicky switches.  Let’s see how other people like them. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Thermaltake Poseidon Z Keyboard on Mac”

  1. Im on step 0 and I’m having problems.. when i go to terminal and type in those figures, it asks me for an password and I can’t type anything in there help..

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