Top 5 Start-ups Creating iOS Language Learning Apps

The iOS market for language learning software is very competitive. Over $140 million in funding has gone into the top 5 start-ups.

Recently Busuu raised $6.7 million from McGraw-Hill Education. This places them third in funding, far behind DuoLingo and Babbel as show in this table:

iOS App Funding (millions)
Duolingo $83
Babbel $32
Busuu $11
MindSnacks $7.7
Memrise $6.3

Of course h4labs also writes language learning software, and we don’t believe the most money means the best app. In fact, we’re trying to bootstrap our language learning apps into the top 10. Learning a language is difficult and we believe the more tools the better. Please check out our offerings on the App Store and let us know how we can better help you learn your next language:

h4 Spanish LiteSpanish h4 French LiteFrench h4 Italian LiteItalian
h4 German LiteGerman h4 Russian LiteRussian h4 Mandarin LiteChinese

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