My Notes on Ergonomic Keyboards, RSI, Programming by Voice, and Standing Desks

No one seems to know what causes repetitive stress injuries when typing. It could be bad posture, too much typing without sufficient rest, or possibly it’s psychological. Perhaps they’re all issues. The only thing that seems to definitively work when my hands start to hurt is to simply rest them for a while.

Anyway, I’ve been collecting and organizing URL’s on RSI so I could try a few tricks whenever I get a flare up. I want to share my list so others can get a quick head start should a problem occur. The first bit of advice most people will give is to go to a doctor. This might be a good idea, but as you read through many of the stories, you’ll see that it usually doesn’t help.

I’ve also collected a lot of information on ergonomic keyboards, mice, standing desks, etc.

I’m now keeping my notes on Github: Ergonomic Notes

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