Why Everyone Should Love Windows 10

If you’re a Windows user, Microsoft looks like they nailed it with Windows 10. It’s fast, the Start Menu is back, it includes a much improved browser with Edge, and Cortana comes to the desktop. Throw in that perfect free price for Windows 7/8 users and it’s a no brainier.

If you’re not a Windows user like myself, that Edge browser should stick out as something important. Microsoft ditched legacy IE and made a great modern web browser. You might not use it, but you’ll eventually benefit from it. Legacy IE litters hundreds of millions of computer. Developers are forced to support IE8, IE9, IE10, and IE11 browsers. This usually results in websites that are limited by the features and performance.

So, if you know any nontechnical users with legacy Windows, it’ll be in your best interest to lend them a helping hand to upgrade.

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