Apple Music’s Killer Feature

The killer feature is that it works with Siri. Just wake up Siri and have her play an artist or song.

"Play some Rolling Stones"
"Play Madonna"
"Play Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone"
"Play Hotel California"

Just Add Apple Watch

The Apple Watch also works as remote for the iPhone, which allows you to go hands-free. Anyone stuck doing the after dinner cleanup will appreciate this feature. A twist of the wrist and say:

"Hey Siri, play some U2"
"Hey Siri, next song"
"Hey Siri, pause music"

Of course, Siri isn’t perfect. I can’t get her to play “Kashmir by Led Zeppelin”.

Finally, I have to say that I like using Siri as a remote so much that now I wish I could use her to control my Apple TV.

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