Apple Watch: 8 weeks and 9 pounds

I bought my Apple Watch on July 6th and it’s now the end of August. In my first 4 weeks I lost 5 pounds. Another four weeks weeks later and I’m down an additional 4 pounds, for a total of 9 pounds. Most weight loss programs usually promise 2 pounds a week, and I’m averaging about a pound a week, so I probably shouldn’t be overly excited, but for some reason, I am! After all, all I did was walk the weight off, at least until about a week ago, and I didn’t change my diet. However, in the past week I did stop with my weekly ice cream and most sugary drinks. I also started indoor cycling.

During August, I should also mention that I had a 4 day vacation in Nantucket where I ate my way through the trip and partook of the homemade ice cream at the famous Juice Bar. I didn’t weigh myself after the trip but I definitely felt heavier.

Last Wednesday (August 19th) I did 16 minutes on an indoor bike before I got bored. I love to bicycle but indoor cycling can be extremely boring. According to the Apple Watch, however, it’s a lot better than simply walking. My average heart rate was a lot higher and my calories burned per minute was much better. My heartrate when walking is usually a little over 100.

My short cycle session had my heart rate higher:

So, for Friday I lined up a podcast and queued up some music. I managed 40 minutes before I became tired. I burned about the same amount of calories as a 90 minute walk. For comparison, here are my two activites:


This week I added indoor cycling to my routine 3 days a week (it’s Thursday so I’ve only gone twice). I’d like to make it 4 days but I’m pretty tired after 40 minutes so I’m taking a day off between workouts for a couple weeks.

Summary of Current Exercise Plan

To summarize, I’ve now eliminated sugary drinks and ice cream (almost :-)) from my diet and I have two different workout days:

Cycle Day

  • Walk 5 miles (about 10,000 steps)
  • Indoor Cycling Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 40 minutes

Walk Only

  • Walk 10 miles in 2-3 sessions (about 20,000 steps)

I’ll stick with this for 2 or 3 weeks then make adjustments if my weight doesn’t decrease further.

By the way, I find Apple’s Activity app to be quite motivating. There are no days off!

August Activity

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