Hacker News FAQ #1: How do I read an article behind a paywall?

This morning I commented that we needed an FAQ to explain how to find articles behind a paywall, and it turned into the usual downvote fest, along with “The FAQ says don’t complain about people asking for a paywall link.”

Unfortunately, as Hacker News grows the noise on the site will quickly drown out the signal. The quality of a secondary source might miss important information, or simply might not be that good; there’s a reason people get paid to write articles. Anyway, I thought I would offer up my solutions for bypassing some commonly used paywalls:

The Wall Street Journal (wsj.com): Google it then find the link in your search results.

Financial Times (ft.com) Sign up for a free account. You get a dozen free articles a month

The New Yorker and New York Times: These sites are cookie based and offer several free articles per month. Clear your cookie or use a different device if you exhaust your limit.

Even if you can’t read the article, those people who can will be able to start the discussion. The salient points are usually summarized in the first couple of comments.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with paying for content. I subscribe to the WSJ and pay for the New York Times, for example. The idea that everything must be free is wrong. If you truly believe that, quit your well-paying job and work for rms.

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