Smartwatch Sales Are Tanking

Well, at least if you believe the latest click-bait headline from TechCrunch, the smartwatch revolution could be over before it even started.

The article points out that the new Watch was only available for the last 2 weeks of the quarter, and everyone was waiting for it, so it depressed sales. Fitbit sales are skyrocketing because people want a device to help improve their health:


Apple is trying to entice that market with its new release, so we should expect quite a bit of growth.

Anyway, as I pointed out last year, health and safety will drive sales.

Personally, I’ve used my Watch to help me lose some weight:

Now I’m using my Watch to help train for my first 10k:



macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Keyboard Issue

When I upgraded to the latest version of macOS, a few of the keys on my external mechanical keyboards stopped working. Specifically, the ‘h’ and ‘i’ keys were reversed. In other words, pressing i registered an h and pressing h registered an i. In addition, the ‘a’ key didn’t register any key press.

Fortunately, the fix only takes a minute. First, open your System Preferences then choose Keyboard.   Next, click the “Modifier Keys…” button:



Finally, with your external keyboard selected, click “Restore Defaults”:


Swift Cookbook Updated to Swift 3.0 Syntax

I updated my online Swift Cookbook to the 3.0 syntax.

Here are the current topics:

I also added a Github repo where all the sections are in one playground. In the near future, I hope to add sections for web, regular expressions, and files. Let me know if there are any other topics that interest you.