Groundhog Day: Amazon Updates Echo/Someone Rants About Privacy

Whenever Amazon updates the Echo or Google updates their Home Device, someone on Hacker News begins the rant about how they don’t like the intrusion of their privacy.  I certainly can appreciate that they don’t want their information transmitted to a corporate mothership.  Unfortunately, this conversation tends to drown out any other discussion about the products.

The solution seems simple enough: don’t use the product. Stop reading articles about such devices because you’re not going to use them.

The generic version of problem of this exists throughout the Internet. There’s a product that people hate, and will never use, but they feel this insatiable need to tell the world why they will never buy it.  The electric car, is one example that springs to mind.

At any rate, there’s nothing wrong with disliking a product, but it probably doesn’t add anything to the conversation to tell the world why it’s not for you





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