Learning Probability and Statistics

The AI Winter is a distant memory.  Machine Learning and AI are finally making tangible progress. (Siri, Alexa, cars, Wall Street). Statistics is the foundation of the current progress in machine learning.

I started learning some probability and statistics in 2017. I watched the entire Stats 131a class by Michael C Cranston’s at UC Irvine.

I took some high-level notes on Github so I could reference certain topics for a deeper dive.  In addition, I have more complete notes for the first four classes:

Lecture 1Lecture 2Lecture 3Lecture 4

Another class that I’ve started is Harvard Stats 110. Joe Blitzstein is lively and provides a lot of intuition in his classes.

I’m gathering all of my resources in one Github repo

Finally, to help me better absorb the material, I’m planning on writing several blog posts on probability, statistics, and machine learning.