In the Future Everyone will Wear a Smartwatch

There has been much discussion on the need for smart watches like the Apple Watch.  People have a hard time believing that a large market exists. I can’t say with certainty that you’ll be wearing an Apple Watch a decade from now but you’ll definitely be wearing a smart watch from Apple, Google, or some new kid on the block.

The short answer is health and safety, both of which are priceless. We’d give anything for a bit more of either one, and future smart watches will offer plenty of both.   I’ll briefly summarize each below.


In the first generation Apple Watch, we have heart rate and daily steps monitoring.  Future devices, from Apple or Google, will likely add  blood pressure, skin temperature,  in short, we’ll be better able to monitor our bodies.


Many of us can image being in a scenario where we might need quick access to a phone, say a car or skiing accident, or perhaps after slip and fall, for example.  Futures watches will keep our lifeline to help on our wrist. Your slow or irregular heart  could be a signal for your watch to automatically dial for help, transmitting your location.

In summary, you might not be wearing an Apple Watch but you will be wearing someone’s smart watch.


2 thoughts on “In the Future Everyone will Wear a Smartwatch”

  1. Watches may monitor “health and safety”, but as a metallic object looped around a body part, they also provide endless fun when combined with power tools and full contact physical activity.

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